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Permanent / Contingent Recruitment

Having led the way in permanent recruitment for almost 30 years, we have built our foundations on offering permanent solutions across the contingent recruitment sector

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Temporary / Contract Recruitment

Our highly specialist team of recruiters within our temporary division collectively have many years of delivering on project led assignments and in particular delivering high volumes of temporary candidates into some globally recognised businesses. 

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Specialist Retained Search and Selection

We appreciate that sometimes you are looking for that needle in a haystack, perhaps your next Commercial Director, Director of Sales or Managing Director. 

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About Us

CPI Selection was established in 1987 as a specialist Sales Recruitment Business focused on providing a first class Talent Acquisition service.

Technology has changed the way we live our everyday lives with companies expanding at a phenomenal rate to keep up with demand. With our wealth of experience, we recruit to many of the leading technology vendors in the world and have an enviable reputation as a market leader.

At CPI Selection we offer a premium service to our clients in all aspects of sales recruitment

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CPI has developed an enviable reputation within the Technology sector, we are market leaders in sales recruitment with a reputation that has been built up over 3 decades. All of our consultants recruit utilising “best practice” and we look at our relationship with our clients as a true partner to their business.

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Recruitment Market Leaders

CPI has developed an enviable reputation within the Technology sector, we are market leaders in sales recruitment with a reputation that has been built up over 3 decades. All of our consultants recruit utilising “best practice” and we look at our relationship with our clients as a true partner to their business.


The Dos and Don’ts Of Giving Constructive Feedback

Human beings tend to avoid criticism. We don’t like being challenged, even in a constructive manner, and often perceive it as being personal. Our desire to avoid criticism can even lead us to blame external forces such as bad luck, ‘acts of God’, circumstances beyond our control, and even other people. We seem to do this instead of accepting that we have perhaps made a mistake, or that there may be an alternative, potentially better way of tackling a project.


Avoiding or ignoring criticism can ultimately lead to restricting your own growth. By being open to other people’s views, you can often learn something new. A new approach. A new solution. A new skill.

Successful people understand the importance and value of feedback and manage not to see it as a personal attack. By being able and open to evaluating feedback they can approach issues in a practical and pragmatic manner, using ideas and suggestions from someone other than themselves.

It is true that there may always be people who never seem to like the way you approach things or solve problems. That is inevitable and is part of what makes us such a diverse species. However, by taking an objective look at constructive criticism received, you will benefit in the long term. Without other people’s ideas and suggestions, how would you learn where to start improving? It is far more useful for someone to give you suggestions on how to improve, rather than misleadingly saying that everything is perfect.

So, how should you give constructive feedback?

·         Do it quickly – the sooner someone has your ideas and suggestions, the sooner they can consider implementing them.

·         Don’t take it personally – just because you’ve given feedback, don’t feel put out if the recipient chooses not to implement it. They may have received other feedback they found more useful or perhaps they are just not yet open to receiving criticism.

·         Balance – Don’t just slam someone’s work or idea. Make sure to include the aspects that you do like, as well as those you are less keen on or feel would be better if altered in some way.

·         Be specific – Make sure to package your feedback so that it is useful to the recipient. Don’t simply say that you didn’t like something, explain why not and if possible, how you believe it could be improved upon.

·         Manners – Don’t give insults under the guise of giving feedback. Anything personal is best left alone.

So, give constructive feedback and be open to receiving feedback. Things can only improve for you and those around you as a result.


Zoe McCabe


Multilingual Recruitment

Our Team of highly experienced consultants bring a wealth of knowledge placing multi-lingual professionals both on a temporary and permanent basis across a variety of sectors including;

  • Technology / Financial Services / E-Commerce / Pharmaceutical / Industrial

Across these sectors we work successfully placing professionals from entry level graduate positions through to Sales directors including;

  • Customers Services / Administration / Sales Support / Market Research Interviewers /
  • Game-testers and Translators.

Being a specialist multi-lingual recruiter we work predominantly in the Thames Valley and London region bust as well as having a national reach we operate throughout Europe with a proven track record of placing professional in-country.

Our specialism has included professional support and advise when supporting professional’s relocation whether this be at graduate through to senior management/director level.

As multi-lingual specialist we work and place professionals in the following languages both in temporary and permanent position every day;



German Thai
French Mandarin
Dutch Cantonese
Norwegian Japanese
Swedish Indonesian


And of course in English whether that means calling into the UK, US, Australia or any other region for that matter. 

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