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Why is it so difficult to Recruit/Hire and Retain Recruitment Consultants?

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The Uk Recruitment Industry is worth 1 Billion a year, with the biggest 3 Agencies taking a significant slice of the pie. I believe to date, there are just fewer than 40,000 Registered Recruitment Companies in the UK, ranging from one-man bands to the large Global Corporates. So, without a doubt, the Recruitment Industry in the UK is a serious business that is still growing!

‘Brexit means Brexit’…but what does ‘Brexit’ really mean?

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Back in 2016 75% of British voters turned up at the polling stations to seal the fate of our country. To leave or not to leave? That is the question. Or that WAS the question I should say. Long story short, we decided to leave, and the question remaining is, what will that mean for our country, and more SPECIFICALLY, what will that mean for the recruitment industry.

Which Accountancy Qualification should I choose?

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A question I get asked often by candidates is, 'which qualification is best to get into professional accountancy'. Two of the most popular courses to gain the full Chartered Accountant status are CIMA and ACCA, both highly respected and globally sought-after routes. However, which one is the right one for you to study? 


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