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Technology An Advancement…Or Perhaps Not?

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Technology an advancement… or perhaps not?

I am an 80’s child… well I was born in 1970, BUT the 80’s was when I grew up!! The 80’s was a great time to be a kid, i had a reasonably simple but happy life.. you have seen all the posts on social media;

Click if you were an 80’s child because; You played at the park until it was dark, went out all day on our bikes and bought a 10p mix up at the local newsagents.. Tesco had small shops and the carrier bags were free  etc etc ..

17 years ago something changed and not just me passing the milestone of moving out of my 20’s and into my 30’s.. how I would love to go back and look at myself in the mirror… not just because I had less wrinkles or grey hair but also to give my younger self some advanced warning! Tech is going to change the way you communicate and live your life!

I have 5 children born between 1990 and 2007 (my wife has kindly confirmed the years are about right).. #gooddad

Ringing That Bell...

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A year ago, I would be that person ringing the bell for making a placement and adding my numbers to the board, doing all I could to hit my target. Now when someone places a candidate and rings the bell I think of every moment that I have made a positive impact, whether that is for the consultant, client or the candidate.

 There is nothing worse than feeling inadequate and at first that’s exactly how I felt. How can I be valued as much as someone else who is bringing money into the business? For three years I worked in sales environments where your activity was constantly monitored, evaluated and you were reprimanded for not hitting a certain number of calls, even if you had £20K on the board! In this last year, CPI has taught me about self-worth.

Good, Better, Best!

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Good, Better, Best!

Up to the age of 19 I had lived a pretty normal life…I hung out with friends, went to school, played sports and mostly did what was expected of me. Life was good! And I was happy. However when I turned 19 I made a decision that would dramatically change my life forever… I made the decision to leave behind life as I had always known it and become a Missionary for a year and a half in the Philippines. My cosy life was turned upside down and inside out as I adjusted to hot humid weather, sharing a room with big Lizards and Spiders, showering out of buckets and speaking a new and (at first) unfamiliar language…but the joy I felt was beyond anything I had felt before…I was happy and life was definitely better. The life I had left behind was wonderful and I was lucky, however, in the Philippines I was able to experience the joys of helping others and have my mind opened and expanded to what life outside Jolly old England was really like. Every day was tiring, emotional and STRESSFUL but I knew who I was and I had a firm purpose, life had changed dramatically…but I can safely say it had changed for the BETTER.


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