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Me, Myself and Marketing

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I began my time at CPI as an office administrator in April 2017, however, as time has passed, my role has changed, progressed and developed...(much like myself). I have naturally found myself drawn towards the marketing side of the company, an area of incredible potential and full of new opportunities. Many recruitment agencies have previously glossed over the importance of marketing, seeing it as an unnecessary expense - however in this heavily digital era we now find ourselves in, marking is not only necessary, but it is fundamental to growth. If you wish to stay in the game, you have to first be IN the game, which is evidently only possible through the magic of strategic branding and marketing. 

The Dos and Don’ts Of Giving Constructive Feedback

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Human beings tend to avoid criticism. We don’t like being challenged, even in a constructive manner, and often perceive it as being personal. Our desire to avoid criticism can even lead us to blame external forces such as bad luck, ‘acts of God’, circumstances beyond our control, and even other people. We seem to do this instead of accepting that we have perhaps made a mistake, or that there may be an alternative, potentially better way of tackling a project.


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