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How to Build Your Professional Network Online

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Having a strong online network is a great tool for any professional. It’s useful for meeting like-minded people, sharing ideas and creating relationships that could benefit your career in the future. While it’s great to get to know people in person, the internet has opened up a whole host of opportunities, allowing us to connect with people online, from all over the world.

Saving, Pensions, Retirement…MONEY!

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As a Business Manager for the Temps Division of a recruitment agency, it has come to my attention that some people have no real understanding of what they need to save to have a successful and stress-free retirement! With the first of our candidates auto-enrolling in our pension scheme in April, I felt this was the best time to gather some facts and figures and share the true cost of not saving, and the benefits of when you do!

Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

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After Christmas and the New Year, we enter this period that has been nicknamed the ‘January Blues’. For all you fellow Christmas lovers, I am sure you can empathise with the concept of feeling slightly miserable and underwhelmed when the New Year kicks in. The decorations come down, and school/work is back as though we never left. Before we know it, the magic of the season has quietly slipped away, and life as normal begins again.


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