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The C* Word

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Why it is appropriate and why we should start using the ‘C’ word more often:

If the headline has drawn you in I should explain, I am writing this blog as a specialist recruiter and I am not looking to cause any offence; the C word in question is …Consultant!

In a world where recruitment plays such an integral role to all businesses, getting it wrong can be incredibly painful and costly. Ask any football fan during the transfer window! However, despite the importance and clear value of quality recruitment, the recruitment industry’s reputation is fast deteriorating from the Car-Sales/ Estate Agency levelling to as popular as a PPI Sales approach.

BUT Why? Recruitment as a sector has grown in size, revenue and importance. There are thousands more Recruiters trending towards specialist sector recruitment as opposed to the geographic high street ‘one size fits all' approach. Surely things should be improving, right?

So, what is the root of the problem, for me in starts in the title... When I started out in Recruitment many years ago there was an emphasis on that C word.

Recruiters now seem to be just working vacancies, not acting as Recruitment Consultants and not acting as specialists.

So…you want to change the world?

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I remember being sat in the sixth form common room at school discussing with friends what we wanted to do in the future after we had finished school, graduated Uni and started our ‘real lives.’ We all had different plans and different goals…different roads that we wanted to go down - however there was one thing that we all unanimously agreed on…we all wanted to ‘change the world’ and do our part for humanity.

The end of school rolled around, many started Uni. Three years of stress, finding your feet and feeling more independent and free than ever before! – three of the best years just zoomed by and then graduation happened! All of a sudden ‘real life’ begins and we are to start changing the world…only problem? The vast majority of us have no idea how.

In this article I am not claiming to have solved any fantastic mystery regarding changing the world, or to have any new and INCREDIBLE scientific discovery to share with you. What I wish to share is much simpler, and a principle most of us have been taught since childhood.

12 Angry Men (1957) My Review by Jon Hale

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I only picked up on this film within the last few years due to being given a rather large book for my Birthday titled “1001 Movies: You Must See Before You Die” so after flicking through the pages I stopped on this film and since then have probably watched it 6 or 7 times. You know a film is good when, even though you’ve seen it before and know the ending, you can happily watch it again and again. I love old films, I love the old styles and more importantly the way they were filmed. They don’t make them like they used to!


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