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Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

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After Christmas and the New Year, we enter this period that has been nicknamed the ‘January Blues’. For all you fellow Christmas lovers, I am sure you can empathise with the concept of feeling slightly miserable and underwhelmed when the New Year kicks in. The decorations come down, and school/work is back as though we never left. Before we know it, the magic of the season has quietly slipped away, and life as normal begins again.

6 Reasons Why Candidates Fail At Interviews

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You thought the interview was successful. You answered all questions and it seemed as though you were the ideal candidate. "I’m sure I’ve got this one!" – you were thinking to yourself. But you received a call from the hiring manager, and it turned out you didn’t.

What went wrong? We will try to find an answer to this question.

Goodbye 2017....Hello 2018!

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It's about that time of year! Drawing to the end of another year...Now you may either be smiling back on the memories of the departing year, or you may be glad to see it go! Either way, I hope you are waiting with eager anticipation, excited to see what this brand new year may bring. Another year means another chance, a fresh start! What's not to love?


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