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It makes the difference when you enjoy where you work. CPI hands down are one of the best companies to work for, maybe slightly biased, but honestly there are no Monday blues here. We are a fun loving, hardworking company that supports each individuals needs and rewards mostly everything!

There are a number of perks from working at CPI:

We offer a fantastic commission scheme that gives you the best chance to increase your earnings. Our salaries are reflective of your experience / success and are very competitive. We like to keep our team healthy and refreshed so every Monday the kitchen will be stocked with a variety of fresh fruit along with sweets and fizzy drinks for those ‘treat yourself moments’. For those gym enthusiasts we are situated across the road from a gym, with memberships at a discounted rate. We love to celebrate / reward highlights and achievements, there will always be an opportunity to grab yourself some vouchers or if you’re really lucky and hit over 120% of your yearly target expect to receive quarterly and annual bonuses. Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday and anniversary, especially here a CPI, nothing better than a slice of cake and a sip a champagne to wash it down! Did I mention Pizza Fridays? Yes, on the last Friday of every month, the whole team will enjoy a Domino’s.

How would we describe the team?

Team work is key to our success, it all about working together to get the job done. We all work extremely hard and we are passionate about what we do. Overall we are a fantastic well-rounded group that are fabulous at our jobs!   


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