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Ringing That Bell...

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A year ago, I would be that person ringing the bell for making a placement and adding my numbers to the board, doing all I could to hit my target. Now when someone places a candidate and rings the bell I think of every moment that I have made a positive impact, whether that is for the consultant, client or the candidate.

 There is nothing worse than feeling inadequate and at first that’s exactly how I felt. How can I be valued as much as someone else who is bringing money into the business? For three years I worked in sales environments where your activity was constantly monitored, evaluated and you were reprimanded for not hitting a certain number of calls, even if you had £20K on the board! In this last year, CPI has taught me about self-worth.

I may not be working in a sales role anymore or bringing money into a business, more often I am spending the company’s money, but it's all about balance. Arranging and booking social events, showering our consultants with certificates, vouchers and champagne, kitting our office out with new and exciting gadgets are all things that my colleagues are going to remember or associate with me and hopefully appreciate.

I love the fact that I work somewhere where I feel valued, my opinion matters and my experience isn’t questioned because of my age. I am not micro managed, I have the autonomy to run my day as I see fit. I am finally in a role where I feel I can grow and develop and there is no limit!

I like to be able to answer questions or provide a solution to almost any problem, when all the ID checks are done, our database is up to date, invoices are raised and there are no pay queries, for me that is my equivalent of ringing the bell. 

Paige Hughes


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