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Technology An Advancement…Or Perhaps Not?

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Technology an advancement… or perhaps not?

I am an 80’s child… well I was born in 1970, BUT the 80’s was when I grew up!! The 80’s was a great time to be a kid, i had a reasonably simple but happy life.. you have seen all the posts on social media;

Click if you were an 80’s child because; You played at the park until it was dark, went out all day on our bikes and bought a 10p mix up at the local newsagents.. Tesco had small shops and the carrier bags were free  etc etc ..

17 years ago something changed and not just me passing the milestone of moving out of my 20’s and into my 30’s.. how I would love to go back and look at myself in the mirror… not just because I had less wrinkles or grey hair but also to give my younger self some advanced warning! Tech is going to change the way you communicate and live your life!

I have 5 children born between 1990 and 2007 (my wife has kindly confirmed the years are about right).. #gooddad

My kids have been born across some of the biggest advancements in technology.. The mobile Phone, The Internet and Social Media probably the 3 standout explosions of our time.. yes they were around before my kids were born but now they are available to the masses!

When my middle child was born in 2000, I had a mobile phone the size of a small brick, we had just signed up to dial up internet, which took minutes as opposed to Nano seconds to load a page and there was a website called Friends re-united that connected you to school friends, {even if you didn’t talk to them at school.. It would never catch on!!). Friends re-united went on to be sold to ITV but was subsequently closed down in 2016, whilst its competitor Facebook has 1.8B users (25% of the world population) and a market value of $190 Billion.. (not convinced that each user will spend $100 each, But.. maybe it did catch on after all – it’s all about timing – right?).

As a business owner / Technology Recruiter for the past 20 years we have also seen massive changes on how we approach business.  When I started in recruitment we had a rolodex of contacts a deskphone and not much else with adverts in the Evening Standard and trade magazines to generate active candidates and head hunting to approach passive candidates.. Now as recruiters we have everything at our fingertips with 101 ways to engage with candidates and clients, we have databases of candidates and with Linked in a directory of Decision Makers within a few clicks..

There’s no doubting that Technology has changed all of our lives, with almost everyone having a Mobile, superfast broadband and various forms of Social Media allowing them to “communicate 24/7.. It does come at a price though, we have all seen families sitting at a restaurant for a family night out with all of them glued to their device and not talking to each other, people are addicted to their phones, spending hours a day living a virtual existence and staring at a 4" x 2" screen to communicate.. being a traditional kind of guy it pains me, I would much rather see my child over the park playing sports or having a real conversation instead of staring at their device.. Bob Hoskins said it’s good to talk for a reason! Who I hear some of you say..

So which era was better, that’s debatable and subject to opinion however this particular 80’s child  will carry on being “so unfair” for not allowing mobiles at the dinner table and unplugging the WIFI at 9pm, because I still appreciate some real communication and wouldn’t appreciate an IM to ask me to “pass the sauce”..



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