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Are you paying your staff what they are worth?

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I read a relatively interesting article this morning about counter offers. *Cue your round of applause.* In addition, at some point I may explain why Paul Hollywood is the picture header of this article.

Now I am sure everyone has read the statistics that do the rounds on LinkedIn bi-weekly (80% of people leave within 6 months of a counter offer, etc etc etc). However, it was good to read an article where the writer had experienced a counter offer, rightfully rejected it, and then articulated the reasons for not accepting it. DESPITE the new offer being both more money and a higher job title.

Now as an overview, said article's author wrote about asking for a pay rise after discovering they were underpaid in comparison to their colleagues, despite performing better then them. Upon asking for a pay rise, they were met with the above and (not as bluntly) was rejected. Feeling rightfully annoyed ('f****d' off), they decided to approach one of the businesses competitors, go through the motions and ultimately get offered a higher paying role.

GUESS WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THEY HANDED THEIR NOTICE IN? Que the 'oh no we cant lose you please here have a 40% pay rise la la la'. 'You are a valued member of staff we cannot lose you'. 'I still love you I can change'.

This is where the author pointed out the clear lack of respect that he had already received, and despite ultimately being offered more, turned it down.

Now I am sorry for boring you senseless. Employers, business owners, hiring managers, people of the world, here comes the real reason I wrote this whole article. Here are CPI Selection, we are currently offering a free salary survey to all clients, and prospective clients. The survey has been complied by Croner, so you know it is legit, and will offer an insight into the market place at the moment. Comparing salaries across industries, job roles, locations, etc.

Just get in touch with me to get your mitts on the survey, and receive the subsequent up sell of my services on: 0203 135 0389, or drop me an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if it has been a long day and a conversation is not on your to-do list (be prepared for a follow up call within a day).

Paul Hollywood is the articles header as he accepted the counter offer from the Great British Bake Off and moved to Channel 4. Please not I have never watched GBBO, I never will, I do not eat baked goods and have no feelings either positive or negative towards Paul Hollywood, apart from the fact he looks slightly related to my direct Line Manager here at CPI Selection, I am rambling, sorry.

Sam Hyde


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