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The Importance Of A Great Team In The Work Place!

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When you think about working in recruitment sales, you are probably thinking high pressurised environment, working to KPIs’, targets and phones ringing non stop! You are probably also thinking that the single most important thing is to come in to work hit your number and go home without much consideration for anything else. Now whilst reaching targets and being successful is what we come to work for, since joining CPI Selection it has taught me that working within a great team is just as important to achieve success!

I’ve previously worked for organisations where the pressures of hitting targets and KPI’s has pushed people to their limits and resulted in tensions in the work place and a team attitude being nonexistent!

For many this is fine, as long as you hit your target, earn commission and go home at the end of the month with a healthy pay packet who cares right?!?

Well this is where I disagree, yes, it is important, we all have bills to pay and work for a better life. But as important as this is to work within a great team. No one wants to come to work with the anxiety of knowing you are going to have to work with that moody or rude or generally dismissive colleague!

Without the laughter, fun, support and genuine care from your team how else would you get through the days where another candidate has an excuse as to why they haven’t gone to work or turned up for an interview: “missed the bus”, “my goldfish has died”, “my motorbike has been stolen” or “I’m stuck on the train and it won’t stop”!

You have to be around colleagues in the work place, that understand the ups and downs of the job. A team that can support you, help you adapt and will offer their experience and knowledge all because they want to help you grow to become a better consultant because they genuinely want you to do well.

So, what do we do fun and to help create that ‘great team feel’ I hear you ask! Here on the temp team we class ourselves as the ‘doers’ – if we discuss it and its agreed upon we do it! This all started with the temp training each Friday where each consultant will offer a training class on their area of knowledge to support the rest of the team. We have a weekly round up on a Friday before we leave and we clear any issues or dramas we have come across throughout the week.

But I did mention fun stuff, and this began with the ‘Temp team bake off’ and with a week to go I am not ashamed to admit that I am currently in the lead! We have the Christmas pantomime coming up and we have recently invested in a snack drawer – however we have had to tighten security here due to raiders!

Worryingly there has been talk of a team trip to Ibiza next year – so this just shows how things can escalate and anything is possible!

Having said this, we aren’t the most perfect team. We don’t come without conflict. Thankfully they are few and far between and come in the form of the team DJ not appreciating a certain team members dislike for Elton John’s music!!!!

Harriet Clarke


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