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Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

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After Christmas and the New Year, we enter this period that has been nicknamed the ‘January Blues’. For all you fellow Christmas lovers, I am sure you can empathise with the concept of feeling slightly miserable and underwhelmed when the New Year kicks in. The decorations come down, and school/work is back as though we never left. Before we know it, the magic of the season has quietly slipped away, and life as normal begins again.

But we don’t have to feel sad that the festivities have come to an end. It’s the beginning of a brand new year. And the opportunities for what this year could have in store are endless.

2018 has somehow rolled around and we are right at the beginning. The starting line if you will. Many of you will have made new years resolutions. Resolutions that you either pondered over for weeks (maybe months) before the new year OR resolutions that you hurriedly picked moments before the clock struck twelve. Whenever you chose your resolutions, choose them you did! Meaning that this is a year that you want to make changes. 2018 is YOUR year.

Making regular changes in our lives (no matter how small) is important. It keeps us motivated and inspired to continue on our journeys of personal growth and development. So let’s make 2018 our year of change, let us not be afraid of trying new things. So many of us live within our comfort zone. We need to learn how to push our boundaries and limitations, and to be adventurous.

 “Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

So for a moment go back to when you were a child. Think about all the things that you imagined you would have accomplished by this point in your life. Perhaps you wanted to visit a certain country or be a fantastic cook. Maybe you envisioned yourself being a skilled piano player, or knowing how to ride a horse. If you look back and smile fondly at those memories, maybe with a pang of regret that you never made those dreams a reality – remind yourself that it is NOT too late! We all too often convince ourselves that dreaming is for children. We say far too flippantly ‘in another life I would have…’ This needs to STOP!  We are never too old, and never too busy to actualise our dreams. We should regularly be brave enough to try new things and continuously expand our skill set. Make your life the adventure you always dreamed it would be.

 Below is a list of seven benefits that come as a result of trying new things. Give them a read:

 1)  Increased confidence

 The wider our skill set is, the more capable we feel in solving problems and challenges. An increase in confidence is going to prove beneficial and useful in every aspect of our lives! In our families, in our workplace, with our friends. It will impact our success levels immensely.

 2)   Learning a new skill

Learning new skills come as a direct result of trying something new. It is true that it may be scary, but the more skills we ascertain the more capable we become in overcoming personal challenges or problems.

3) It teaches you humility

Truth is, one of the reasons we don’t always enjoy learning new skills, is that we tend to make multiple mistakes in the process. If you are anything like I am, you don’t enjoy not knowing how to do something. But that is a big part of trying new things! Accepting that you don’t know everything, and being willing to make a few fumbling mistakes in the process, is part of learning. So yes. Humility is a big part of this whole ‘trying new things’ thing.

4) It teaches you that you are capable of more

Oftentimes we are afraid of trying new things because we honestly believe that we are not capable of learning a new skill. We put ourselves down and doubt our capabilities. However, by putting yourself out there just once, you can increase your confidence and teach yourself that you are more capable than you perhaps initially considered. You will then have the opportunities to go on and gain even more skills, with a boosted self-esteem.

5) It teaches you to serve as a role model to your children / to other adults


You never know, but your willingness to try something new may just be the inspiration needed by those around you to do the same thing. You never know who you may be inspiring with your actions. It’s not just you in the mix!

6)  It teaches self – control

Self-control is a big one! It’s also linked to time management and organisational skills.

7)  It allows you to learn more about  yourself

This is definitely beneficial. When you reach adulthood it is presumed that you are now supposed to know exactly what your hobbies are, what you are good at, and what you are not good at. However, through putting yourself out there more and learning new skills you are able to develop a stronger understanding of who you are and what you are capable of.

This list could definitely go on, however, I feel as though the point has been made. Although stepping outside of our comfort zone can be a bit of a struggle, it is far more beneficial than not. Imagine a world of individuals constantly striving to better themselves through trying new things and pushing their boundaries. Now imagine your world if you start making your dreams a reality. If you always wished to be a better cook then take a cooking lesson! If you never learned to swim, start a class. If you dream of speaking a foreign language, then sign up for an online course today. All too often we make excuses and sell ourselves short. We are far more able than perhaps we give ourselves credit for.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” – Thomas Jefferson

So at the beginning of this new year make yourself a promise - To try new things, and step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while. You may surprise yourself.

Leah Moy


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