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Structuring Your CV

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Whether you are tailoring your CV for a particular position or just updating, in general, it is highly important to know how to structure your CV. After all, this is the first impression an employer gets of you, and a poorly written CV could prevent you from securing your dream job, no matter how good you are!

So I have put together FIVE basic pointers that are essential when writing your CV:


Although it shouldn’t, this is one of the first things an employer notices. Use professional simplistic fonts such as Arial or Calibre. These are easy to read and inoffensive on the eye. Such a small detail can go a LONG way!


Separate your CV into paragraphs or bullet points and make sure the whole page is consistently aligned. Keep it clear and concise!

3 Page Max:

Generally, unless specific projects requested are or portfolios need to be shown, your CV should be 2-3 pages long to keep readers engaged. Be clear and avoid waffling!


Avoid excessive reuse of particular words or phrases. Be imaginative and If you are struggling, you can always use a thesaurus.

Keep it consistent:

It is easy to switch between tenses and first and third person. Consistency is one of the most important details to remember. Make sure you proofread – or even better – ask someone else to as well!

First impressions are always important, especially when looking for a job. There will always be several people applying for the same job as you, so make sure you stand out! Start off by having a killer CV.

Good luck with your search! 


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