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Me, Myself and Marketing

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I began my time at CPI as an office administrator in April 2017, however, as time has passed, my role has changed, progressed and developed...(much like myself). I have naturally found myself drawn towards the marketing side of the company, an area of incredible potential and full of new opportunities. Many recruitment agencies have previously glossed over the importance of marketing, seeing it as an unnecessary expense - however in this heavily digital era we now find ourselves in, marking is not only necessary, but it is fundamental to growth. If you wish to stay in the game, you have to first be IN the game, which is evidently only possible through the magic of strategic branding and marketing. 

So it seems as though marketing is a bit of a no-brainer right? So why isn't EVERYONE doing it? Now, don't get me wrong, I am certain that there will come a time that everyone will be playing the marketing game, however, for the time being, there are still those that fail to recognise the long-term benefits of branding their company. Some see it as a lump sum of money going out, with no real 'obvious' route of return - however, anyone who has invested in a marketing strategy will be able to testify that the ROI on good marketing is exponential! Once you really won't be able to stop!

We now live in a world where our lives seem to revolve around a tiny handheld screen. There is a fount of knowledge literally at our fingertips...think about it for a second - there are two companies, both selling practically identical products, for example, watches. They are the same price, same returns policy etc. However one company has invested heavily in marketing, whilst the other hasn't. Now you, a potential customer, are looking to buy a new watch...where do you go? To the internet of course! You research different watches, and out of the two companies...which do you think you are more likely to see? A) The company that hasn't invested in branding/marketing B) The company who has. It's very straightforward, right? So there, simply because of good branding, a sale is made. Ask yourself this question, 'am I proud of my company?' 'Do I want the world to know who we are, and what we do?' If you feel that you have something to offer the world then don't be afraid to shout it from the rooftops! Or alternatively, put it all over social media!

So, although I am still right at the beginning of my marketing journey, it has been unbelievably exciting and I am eager to see what the future holds!

Leah Moy

Marketing Executive at CPI Selection


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