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New year, New Job?

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New year, New Job? More than one in five employees expected to seek out new role in 2016, with better pay and benefits being the biggest motivator!

Nearly half of would-be leavers want better pay and benefits (Source: Getty)

More than one in five (21 per cent) employees will be polishing off their CV and looking for a new job in 2016.

A survey of 1,000 full-time employees released today by people management consultancy Penna discovered that nearly half (48 per cent) of those planning to leave for pastures new were doing so to seek out better pay and benefits, while 44 per cent wanted more opportunities to develop and 32 per cent long for a change from what they are currently doing.

“Employers have the power to re-engage disenchanted workers and there is no better time to trigger important changes than at the start of a new year when thoughts generally turn to themes of refresh and renewal,” said Bev White, managing director of Penna Career Services. “While offering better pay and benefits may be out of the hands of some employers, a lot of the things on employees’ wish lists such as better work/life balance, greater recognition and development opportunities don’t cost anything.”

Meanwhile, online job board Reed has predicted that today will be the busiest day for job seeking ever, leaving it to nickname the day “Massive Monday”.

The equivalent day last year – 5th January 2015 – saw 11,500 new jobs being added to Reed’s website while 235,000 job applications were sent.

From City A.M. – A fifth of workers to seek out new job this year


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