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How I Became A God

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Now I imagine upon reading the title of this blog, images of some self-proclaimed, incredibly handsome, world class recruiter come to mind… While all of the above are true my title has a somewhat more modest story attached. 

Growing up I would have been classed as a bit of a wild spirit by some, raving lunatic by others.  With little to no regard for personal safety and a slightly selfish, thrill seeking personality, I spent most of my teenage years studying, partying, working various jobs and partying. At the near adult age of 21 I had a bombshell dropped on my utterly self-centred world “I’m pregnant” came the words every young man longs to hear… Being a rather pragmatic individual I hugged my girlfriend, smiled and cried with er joy…

With my life literally turned on its head I thought long and hard about my prospects and how on earth I could possibly feed and support a child when all I had in my fridge was a half can of fosters, empty BLT packet and my friends long and forgotten left converse shoe.

Along came recruitment and specifically CPI Selection with the help of a family member. The opportunity sounded incredible, I mean all you have to do is find someone a job right? AND get paid for it, I mean how hard could that be?!

I hated it… I couldn’t work out why companies didn’t want me to call them, I mean come on my service is free unless you like the guy and did I not mention I’m a genuine specialist? Candidates were rude, didn’t turn up, didn’t want the incredible life changing opportunities I was representing and quite frankly had no idea what they wanted. Then my views completely changed, I made a placement! Walking to the bell felt like a school child being awarded a gold star for good performance, I remained cool and rung the bell as a genuine superstar. From there on in I honed my skills and became a genuine specialist. My client list was flooding in as where the candidates in my network, progression was never ending and I was on fire…

So at what point did I become a God? Well during the down time when I felt like recruitment might not be for me I went home and sat there with my little lady and just thought about the financial impact of raising a child. She looked straight at me with huge loving eyes, raised up her tiny hand and gently stroked marmite across my brand new suit… Shortly after this as she lay asleep in her cot It suddenly dawned on me, in her eyes I am a god, I am her world and all that she knows, I will impact her in such a profound way that how could I possibly give up on the opportunity of a lifetime just because I find it hard.  I had been given the opportunity to keep my family financially secure and in a world where many people do not have opportunities how could I just give up? So I didn’t, and now 4 years later I have 3 baby girls with 3 sets of marmite covered hands and more dirty suits than I dare count.

Josh Moy


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