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My Journey To Recruitment

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I still remember the day six years ago when I was sitting in the living room with my parents discussing my future and new opportunities. How could we develop our two already successful businesses? We needed to be more financially stable to grow so we made the courageous decision to move to the UK. My dad helped out with his friend’s business and the idea of being able to open a third business was more possible than ever.

I decided that I wanted to move to the UK with my dad. The education system in my country was not as advanced and I wanted to better myself as much as possible. After battling through GCSEs and A-levels I came to the end of my education journey. I was now seeking full-time employment and a friend of mine recommended a recruitment agency that were seeking staff for their catering vacancies. Without a second thought I dived at the opportunity. I was pretty good at what I was doing and within only three months of working for them I was promoted to supervisor.


I developed so much as a person whilst in this role. I was training people, ensuring events ran smoothly and minimising complaints. As things progressed and I got more experienced I was offered the opportunity to work directly for the agency itself as an Administrator. I worked closely alongside the recruitment consultants and assisted them with their needs. Again I progressed fairly quickly, I found the admin is pretty easy to pick up and master. I asked my manager to give me a bit more responsibility and he assigned me to manage the company's advertising on social media and recruitment, which I loved doing! In time the recruitment consultant that I was working closely with decided to move on from the company, which led to my promotion!  They offered me a recruitment consultant position, and I took it!

As time passed I felt that there was nothing further that I could learn, no skills that I could develop, so I decided to move on. I wanted to join a company whereby everyday was a challenge.  I came across CPI Selection, a team full of driven individuals, a team with great mindsets and they are very motivated to succeed!

Now, I'm learning new things on a daily basis and I look forward to every day at work, I can’t thank CPI enough for the opportunity they have given me.

My journey is nowhere close to ending however, I still wonder where will I be in five years time.

Alex Szabo


















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