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Good, Better, Best!

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Good, Better, Best!

Up to the age of 19 I had lived a pretty normal life…I hung out with friends, went to school, played sports and mostly did what was expected of me. Life was good! And I was happy. However when I turned 19 I made a decision that would dramatically change my life forever… I made the decision to leave behind life as I had always known it and become a Missionary for a year and a half in the Philippines. My cosy life was turned upside down and inside out as I adjusted to hot humid weather, sharing a room with big Lizards and Spiders, showering out of buckets and speaking a new and (at first) unfamiliar language…but the joy I felt was beyond anything I had felt before…I was happy and life was definitely better. The life I had left behind was wonderful and I was lucky, however, in the Philippines I was able to experience the joys of helping others and have my mind opened and expanded to what life outside Jolly old England was really like. Every day was tiring, emotional and STRESSFUL but I knew who I was and I had a firm purpose, life had changed dramatically…but I can safely say it had changed for the BETTER.

This new life became the norm and I got stuck in…but all too quickly 18 months had passed and once again I found myself sat on a plane, preparing myself to be reunited with my family and my country.  I was sad, as I was leaving behind a place that I had become very attached to…but I was extremely excited at the concept of seeing my family again!

After fond greetings and tears of joy I quickly settled back into life in Bucks…much of the same routine but as a completely different person with a massively adjusted perspective on the world. Life once again as I knew it had changed…at first adjustment back home was hard, but when I got the opportunity to start working at CPI it got a lot easier and I felt filled with purpose and direction once again. CPI has given me, and others like me a chance to grow, progress and become better! Something I will always be grateful for.

I am a firm believer that my 18 months in the Philippines were the best 18 months of my life…to that point! I believe that life is to be lived forwards, not looking back but excitedly anticipating what the future holds. Creating the kind of life you always imagined for yourself one day at a time. Make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. And that’s what CPI does!

I experienced Good, Better and firmly believe that the BEST is yet to come.

Leah Moy

Photo Credits: Leah Moy




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