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Sam Hyde

Recruitment Consultant - Commercial Division

Hi I’m Sam. I recruit.


Following just under 2 years in recruitment within the Buckinghamshire based offices of Brook Street, I thought I had fell out of love with the world of recruitment. Nothing against the company, but I just believed that all recruitment companies were the same, and if I no longer enjoyed it there, I wouldn’t enjoy it anywhere else.


This was until I met with the team here at CPI. I knew pretty much from the first minute of walking into the offices that I wanted to work here. What makes CPI different, is the people. Everyone here has the same goal, the same ambition and the same work ethic. The managers support you, provide training and help you improve and reach your goals. Because of CPI I am fairly certain I will still be working in recruitment when pigs fly.


My role within the business here is commercial sales recruitment. Be that a telemarketer to a sales director. I will recruit for it. Be that in the property sector, automotive, foreign exchange or IT and software.


Outside of work, I am relatively normal. I support West Ham and Wycombe Wanders. I go to the gym 6 times a week. See my friends. Spend time with my girlfriend and family. I go on holiday sometimes as well. Exciting, I know.


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