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Leah Moy

Office Administrator

Hi I’m Leah!

I’m an Office Administrator, I’m a football lover and I’m fluent in a Filipino dialect called ‘Hiligaynon.’

Working for CPI is great! There is a fantastic energy here in the office which I just love.  The positivity and work ethic in each member of the team invites a great atmosphere, making each working day an absolute pleasure.  Each day brings new challenges and great opportunities, definitely keeping me on my toes.

Immediately prior to working at CPI I was a volunteer for 18 months in the Philippines. My experience in Asia taught me a great range of fantastic life principles, but for me the most important was that I learnt how crucial it is to live each moment of life to the fullest. Life is about being inspired, and surrounding yourself with those things that succeed in inspiring you.

“Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination” - William Longgood



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